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Fall is here, it's time to get ready for winter!

Summer is over, and fall has begun. With fall comes a change in activities, going back to school, spending more time at work catching up on all the things you didn’t do while you were out playing during the summer, and preparing for colder weather. Fall is a good time to make an assessment of your health. The cold and flu season will be starting, is your immune system ready for the fight? Then there is all those holidays, where we tend to eat more and exercise less. Are you ready to meet that challenge? This may be a good time to meet with your doctor and check out your immune system. Are you feeling sluggish, then check out your adrenal system, or maybe you're having problems getting those few extra pounds off, then have a look at how your thyroid is functioning. Perhaps your just feeling out of sorts, not sleeping well, more irritable, not getting along with family or co-workers. It may be time to see if your hormones are in balance. While working with your doctor you may find yourself needing "Quality Solutions with Maximum Benefits for your healthcare problems." Be sure to ask your Prescriber to contact the Compounding Pharmacist at 909 478-3842. By working together, we can achieve a Healthier You.

Are you looking for answers to your health care problems?

ICP is the place to look for the answers to these and many other health care problems. Perhaps you are having prescription problems. The dosage is not correct, it tastes bad, or it is hard to swallow, all causing non-compliance. What you need is a new or unique method of delivery. Maybe you are just looking for new solutions for old problems.
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ICP is the place to look

"We take the time to listen to your problems and work together as part of a team to find a solution. We pride ourselves on being your problem solving compounding pharmacy".  

PLEASE NOTE:  Important National Legislation is taking place that could effect your ability to access your compounded prescriptions. Please look carefully at the new information outlined in the "Save our Meds!" section below.

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We hope that your visit to our website will provide an exciting learning experience for you, whether you are a Patient seeking answers and solutions to your own healthcare problems, or a Prescriber - a Physician, Nurse Practitioner, or other healthcare provider with a patient care problem. Working with the Patient and the Prescriber, as a Team, Inland Compounding Pharmacy wants to provide you with the necessary knowledge and experience to help solve those healthcare problems. Inland Compounding Pharmacy is Southern California's Inland Empire premier compounding only pharmacy.

ICP - Providing quality solutions with maximum benefits for a healthier you.
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