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The lazy days of summer are upon us. Most of you are thinking of ways to keep cool, avoid work, and relax. Your minds wonder to cool mountain meadows, salty ocean breezes, or just spending time the friends and family at home. No matter what you do, two things are most likely part of the program; lots of good food, and physical activity. You want your food fast, tasty, and as cool as possible. That usually means you tend to eat a lot of junk food, food that is not necessarily the best for you. If it gets really hot, you may tend to skip the physical activity and become a couch potato. All of these things add inches to your waist line, if you’re not careful. Summer activities may include, baseball, skateboarding, swimming, and hiking, to name a few. All this activity can bring sore or even injured muscles to your body, creating discomfort and pain. Since most of this activity is done outside, you have the danger of too much sun, causing sunburn and dry skin. How can ICP help make your summer better?

I’m glad you asked. ICP’s Pharmacist working with you Physician or Prescriber, can provide solutions to either prevent the summer problems, or help you resolve the problem before it occurs. Check out some of the available solutions:

Remove those unwanted inches from your waste line

Pain Relief - for those sore muscles from all those activities

Relief from Muscle Cramps and Sprains

Relief from Athlete’s Foot and Toenail Fungus

Relief from dry itchy or cracked skin

Relief from Sunburn and Wrinkles

Have a great summer from all of us at Inland Compounding Pharmacy!

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ICP is the place to look for the answers to these and many other health care problems. Perhaps you are having prescription problems. The dosage is not correct, it tastes bad, or it is hard to swallow, all causing non-compliance. What you need is a new or unique method of delivery. Maybe you are just looking for new solutions for old problems.
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PLEASE NOTE:  Important National Legislation is taking place that could effect your ability to access your compounded prescriptions. Please look carefully at the new information outlined in the "Save our Meds!" section below.

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