Estrogens: Oral and Transdermal
Generic NameTrade NameDosage Comparison
Conugated equine estrogen(CEE)Premarin®0.625 mg
Estropipate (Piperazine Estrone Sulfate)Ogen®; Ortho-Est®0.75 mg
Esterified estrogen (Estrone)Estratab®; Menest®0.625 mg
Micronized estradiolEstrace®0.5-1.0 mg
QuinestrolEstrovis®100-200 mcg weekly
Ethinyl esttradiolEstinyl®5-10 mcg
Transdermal estradiolEstraderm®, FemPatch®, Climara®, Vivelle®, Alora®0.05-0.1 mg/24 hr.
Triple estrogenTri-Est (Compounded by R.Ph.)1.25-2.5 mg*
Estriol and EstradiolBi-Est (Compounded by R.Ph.)1.25-2.5 mg*
Triple estrogen creamCompounded by pharmacist0.625-1.25 mg*
Estrogens: Vaginal Creams
Generic NameTrade NameDosage Available
17Β-estradiol (estradiol)Estrace®0.1 mg in 1 g cream
EstropipateOgen®1.5 mg in 1 g cream
DienestrolOrtho Dienestrol®0.01 percent
Conjugated estrogenPremarin Vaginal Cream®0.625 mg in 1 g cream
EstriolCompounded by pharmacistAs required*
Triple estrogen creamCompounded by pharmacistAs required*
Generic NameTrade NameDosages (mg)
Medroxyprogesterone acetateProvera®, Amen®, Cycrin®2.5-5.0 mg
Norethindrone acetateAygestin®; Norlutate®,0.35 mg
Norgestel 0.075 mg
Micronized progesterone (0ral)Compounded by pharmacist100 mg (controlled release)
Progesterone topicalCompounded by pharmacist10-20 mg*
Estrogen/Progestin Combinations
Generic NameTrade NameDosages (mg)
Conjugated equine estrogen/MPAPrempro®, Premphase®0.625 mg with 2.5-5.0 mg
Triple estrogen/Micronized progesteroneCompounded by pharmacist1.25-2.5 mg/100-200 mg (S.R.)
Androgens and Androgen/Estrogen Combinations: Oral and Transdermal
Generic NameTrade NameDosages (mg)
TestosteroneAndroderm®; Testoderm®5.0 mg
Esterified estrogen/methyltestosteroneEstratest®, Estratest H.S.®1.25/2.5 mg; 0.625/1.25 mg
CEE/methyl testosteronePremarin with Methyltestosterone®0.625/5 mg or 1.25/10 mg
Micronized Testosterone USPCompounded by pharmacistAs required* § (slow release)
§Average female, premenopausal, produces 0.3 mg Testosterone daily.
*Guideline only. Individual dosage should be determined based on results of a hormone/total health evaluation.
 Triple Estrogen (Tri-Est (original)) = 80% Estriol, 10% Estradiol, 10% Estrone
Note:The above information is to be used as reference only. It in no way is indicating a recommendation for any product, for any patient or for any clinical situation.

Complied by Jim Paoletti, Consultant Pharmacist

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