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Although many of us don’t give our feet very much thought, if you try to imagine a world without them, it becomes obvious that they play an important role in almost everything we do. Life is made so much easier and exciting when we have healthy feet to walk, run, or jump around on. Many people are effortlessly able to maintain healthy feet, however, we have a number of patients who need some extra help to keep up with the health of their feet. Unfortunately, feet are prone to a number of different kinds of problems caused by many different stressors. The Inland Compounding Pharmacy compounds medications for a number of conditions, including:


  • Commonly caused by friction (poorly fitting shoes) or burns.

Nail/skin fungal infections

  • Fungus can infect nails and skin through small cuts in the skin around the nails, or between the opening between the skin and nail.

Heal spurs

  • Heal spurs normally form in response to a prolonged period of pressure, friction, or stress caused by activities that will tighten ligaments such as dancing or running. They can also be caused by the extra stress put on the feet from poorly fitting shoes or from being overweight. In response to these stressors, the body will grow extra bone (the bone spur) around these stressed areas in an effort to repair the damage.


  • Callouses are the body’s response to areas that experience repeated friction. They can be caused by an incorrect gait, but are usually caused by poorly fitting shoes.


  • Warts are caused by an infection from the human papilloma virus (HPV) which can get into the skin through open wounds or cuts. There are more than 150 types of HPV, each causing a certain type of wart.

Diabetic neuropathy

  • Diabetic neuropathy is a complication of about 50% of patients that have diabetes. Nerves are damaged in response to severely increased blood sugar. Patients who develop neuropathy often develop it in their feet first, and may experience symptoms such as tingling sensations, numbness, or a loss of the sense of warm and cold.

Muscle spasms

  • A muscle spasm is an involuntary contraction of a muscle. They can be very painful, and may develop for a number of reasons including overuse, exhaustion, dehydration, or decreased electrolytes.

Foot and ankle osteoarthritis

  • Arthritis is a condition in which a patient will experience joint inflammation. This inflammation then causes pain and stiffness.

Burning foot syndrome

  • Burning foot syndrome may be a result of a number of factors including kidney failure, liver damage, thyroid problems, blood disorders, nerve damage, fungal infections, or even ill-fitting shoes. Symptoms may include an abnormal burning or stinging sensation as well as redness and swelling.

Raynard's phenomenon

  • Raynard's phenomenon is a condition in which a patient’s blood flow to the fingers, toes, ears, or nose, will be blocked in response to cold temperatures or strong emotions. It may be caused by multiple factors such as smoking, arthritis, autoimmune conditions, certain medications or street drugs, or diseases of the arteries.
Treatment Options

Treatment options are available for these conditions. Treatments for podiatry conditions that the Inland Compounding Pharmacy commonly compounds include:

 Keratolytic agents

  • Salicylic acid

Skin softeners and moisturizers

  • Hydrated petrolatum

Transdermal anti-inflammatory agents

  • NSAIDs
  • Steroids

Transdermal treatments for neuropathy

  • Gabapentin
  • Amitriptyline
  • Lidocaine

Callous treatment

  • Salicylic acid

Plantar warts

  • Triple acid (salicylic acid, lactic acid, acetic acid)

Topical treatments for fungal infections in the nails

  • Clotrimazole cream with Ibuprofen and tea tree oil

Topical treatments for muscle spasms

  • Magnesium cream or spray

Treatments to improve circulation for patients with Raynaud’s syndrome

  • Nifedipine PLO gel

Every patient is different, so at the Inland Compounding Pharmacy, we enjoy working with each patient and doctor to compound a treatment that is specific to the patient’s needs. Don’t hesitate to contact the Inland Compounding Pharmacy with any questions.

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