The PCCA Advantage
The association with Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA) provides many advantages that leads to the success of Inland Compounding Pharmacy. Their Mission: To strengthen the role, position and skills of member compounding pharmacists to meet the unique healthcare needs of patients through PCCA's exceptional service, highest quality products, shared innovations and education.

Members of the PCCA network can expect the following comprehensive benefits:

  • PCCA provides registered Pharmacist with a professional review of the traditional art and practice of extemporaneous compounding in compliance with a prescription order from a physician.
  • PCCA provides an initial week-long training course designed to assist Pharmacists in maintaining and developing proper procedures and standards in practicing compounding, as well as in marketing their practice and developing new business strategies.
  • PCCA provides high-quality chemicals and pharmacy equipment to Pharmacists upon their request and within the scope of a pharmacy compounding practice.
  • PCCA's full-time consultants handle inquiries by registered Pharmacists about compounding techniques and procedures.
  • PCCA furnishes on-going professional training and continuing education, including international and regional seminars providing continuing education (CE) credits.

The Benefits of IACP Membership
Membership in the International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists (IACP) provides the following benefits:

  • Government Representation/Regulatory Guidance
    A voice for compounding pharmacists at the state and federal level to preserve the rights of compounders. A number of papers provide practical guidance on different aspects of compounding in light of recent changes in FDA regulations.
  • Referral Service
    A referral source for patients and healthcare practitioners who are looking for a compounding pharmacist in their area.
  • The Pharmacists' Link and eLink
    Two newletters that cover a wide variety of information that compounding pharmacists need to know such as FDA activity, third party information, and upcoming IACP functions and meetings.
  • Customizable BHRT Forms
    Provides a customizable Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy Form. This form is divided into three sections: medical history section for patients to complete, a section used to communicate with physicians, and a patient evaluation section.
  • Literature Search Request
    Distributes current articles and abstracts on medications and disease states.
  • Electronic Universal Claim Form/Third Party Resources
    Provides an electronic version of the Universal Claim Form for Compounded Medicatons. IACP has a number of publications and letters written on behalf of patients seeking reimbursement for compounded medications.
  • Fellowship Program
    A Fellowship Program designed to advocate the acceptance of a personal obligation to the highest ethical and professional standards of conduct. This program recognizes those individuals who have achieved a state of excellence in the art and skill of compounding.
  • Expanded IACP Website
    Provides an expanded website for the pharmacist with useful tools and information about compounding.
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