What can Inland Compounding Pharmacy do for you?

ICP works together with you as a Prescriber, and your Patients, to find solutions for your patient's healthcare problems. This " Triad Relationship" between you, your Patient, and the Compounding Pharmacist is the key to solving healthcare problems. By solving your patient's problems, it
not only benefits your patient's health but also improves your patient/prescriber relationship. Remember, at Inland Compounding Pharmacy we don't sell a product, we provide solutions to your patient's problems.

What can you do for Inland Compounding Pharmacy?

It is our goal to develop a relationship with you and your office that will encourage your office to send at least one patient per day to Inland Compounding Pharmacy. We also encourage you to tell your Prescriber associates about ICP and the services we provide.

Prescriber Tools -

How to Write a Compounding Prescription -- Contact our pharmacists for more information on how to write prescriptions specifically for your patients.

Book & Reference Search -- provides searchable lists by topic.

ICP - Providing quality solutions with maximum benefits for a healthier you.
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