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ICP is proud to partner with Emerson Ecologics. They have the full line-up of professional, high grade, renowned quality brands. We offers many of these supplements in the pharmacy for easy pick up. If you did not find the one you were looking for in the pharmacy, use our website store. Our online shop has everything you need for supplemental nutrition through Emerson's full catalog. Emerson carries Otho Molecular, Pure Encapsulation, Protocol, Designs for Health, Metagenics, Vital Nutrients, Douglas Laboratories and many more. Each company does their own testing of their products and are centers for quality by Emerson to ensure that you get what you are looking for in your nutritional supplements.  Once you click on that link, please enter in the Inland Compounding Pharmacy access code in the provided text box. The access code is ICP001. Thank you! Click here to buy products.

The following is a brief summary of some of the supplements available from Emerson Ecologics:
  1. D-HIST   Allergies preventing you from enjoying the sunshine? Need a non drowsy alternative? Then try all natural D-HIST. Just 1 capsule daily prevents allergies from stopping your outdoor adventures. D-Hist also comes in a junior strength for even the smallest members of your family. Enjoy the outdoors again with all natural, non drowsy D-HIST and D-HIST jr.
  2. OTC Progesterone   Did you know, you can get Progesterone as an OTC? At 20mg a dose, the most common dose and recommended by doctor John Lee, it just might be what the doctor ordered.
  3. DIM   Concerned about estrogen build up in your body from food products? Need a way to get rid of that extra estrogen? Cruciferous vegetables have a way to help you metabolize that extra estrogen safely out of the body with di-indole methane. Not sure if you eat enough veggies? There is a way to get the benefit in a capsule.  DIM-Avail and DIM-Pro help your body naturally get rid of extra estrogen in an supplement form.
  4. Vit D   Due to our indoor lifestyles and high intesity sun screens, you may have low vitamin D. Low vitamin levels affect mood, immune function and bone density and puts you at risk for many debilitating diseases. Low on vitamin D? We have Vitamin D3 50,000 IU. Once a week dosing makes it a great, convenient way to make sure your Vitamin D levels are up to keeping up with you. Not likely to remember it once a week? Then pick up 1000 to 5000 unit doses instead for once a day dosing. Not wanting another capsule to take we also have high dose liquid forms.
    1. Breast feeding your precious new life? Your new bundle of joy may be low on vitamin D. Many pediatricians recommend 400 IU daily. We have liquid vitamin D in 400IU per drop for easy administration.
    2. Worried about osteoporosis or osteopenia? Vitamin K2 helps regulate calcium in the body. Get 400 mcg K2 with 5000 IU D3 together at the same time.
  5.  Methy B-12, Methyl Folic Acid, co-enzymated vitamin B-6  One in four Americans have MTHFR gene alteration, sounds like a bad word, it means that those with it do not properly activate B-12, folic acid or B-6. Yes, B-12, B6 and Folic Acid have to be activated by the body before they can do their jobs. This means that 25% of US citizens are at higher risk of cardiovascular disease, reduced detoxification ability, dis-catabolism of estrogen, lack of proper energy production, glaucoma, hypertension, stroke, preeclampsia, neural tube defects, psychiatric disorders, and certain cancers. This condition should be diagnosed by a physician and supplementation can help. Find out today if you should be screened for this condition and get the activated vitamins your body needs. Make sure you are getting the right supplement.
  6.  Adapten-All/Adren-All   Feeling tired all the time? Are you taking on too much stress? Long term stress can cause a drain on your endocrine system; specifically your adrenal glands. Proper amounts of hormone produced by the adrenal gland allow your body to operate at its finest. Good stress or bad stress, the body needs support. We have 2 levels of support for your body's ability to cope with stress. Whether replacing with adrenal cortex or just supporting the adrenal glands naturally, we have both so that your body can deal with all that your life can throw at you.
  7. DHEA   Have too much cortisol and need a way to protect your body from all the negative effects of it? DHEA is natures way to counter balance cortisol. But too much cortisol production uses up the body's reserve of cortisol and pregnenolone. DHEA is a precursor to testosterone. We have many strengths to ensure you get the amount you need to support a healthy body. Need DHEA that will not make so many androgens, we have 7-Keto DHEA also.
  8. Viracid   Expecting to be around someone with a cold or worse the flu? There are many ways to help boost your body's immune system and have it fighting off all invasions with ease. Exercise, proper amount of rest, correct vitamin D levels, hydration, diet all contribute to a healthy immune system. There are also herbal supplements that will give your body's immune system an extra boost. Viracid combines plants, vitamins and minerals proven to help your immune system.
  9. Bio-Phage   Many advances have been made to kill off bacterial infections. Some of the most widely used antibiotics came from nature from fungus. There are also viruses that kill bacteria. Widely popular in Europe, bio-phages attack bacteria. While antibiotics do not judge between good and bad bacteria, we have bio-phages that specifically attack E-Coli; the most common bacteria causing UTI's. Combined together with a pro-biotic that the GI tract needs for proper digestion and immune function and E coli. eating viruses, Pro Bio-phage will help restore a healthy biom of protection.

Emerson's Wellevate SM Program

If you are interested in a more personalized relationship with Raylene and Sean regarding their recommendation for vitamins & supplements Emerson's Wellevate SM program is available for you.

Personalized, Simple & Secure

  • Use Wellevate from any device, anytime, anywhere; every interaction is safe and secure.
  • Offering access to over 275 trusted brands.
  • Extends the patient-provider relationship beyond the office, providing personalized recommendations and customized product suggestions and dosage instructions.
  • Fully HIPAA and PCI compliant for patient interaction and e-commerce transactions.
  • Fulfillment by Emerson Ecologics, the largest, most trusted provider of vitamins and supplements to integrative professionals and their patients.    
Personalized Recommendations
  • Improved patient compliance and practice outcomes without the cost or complexity of managing product inventory.
  • Raylene or Sean will meet with you and create a personalized recommendation program with specific product suggestions to ensure better outcomes and a faster path to feeling healthy.
  • Product ordering and checkout process is fast and easy. That means you'll see compliance improve quickly.
Personal Invitation
  •  Raylene or Sean will need to invite you  to join Wellevate. (See Invitation Request Form)

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