One Patient, One Physician, One Pharmacist, three individuals united by a fundamental relationship, one that has become the cornerstone of quality healthcare. More and more patients are becoming aware of the practice of prepared medications that have been customized for their individual needs. The goal of this compounding pharmacy, to solve the patient and physician medication needs.

There is a better way to improve patient outcomes.  It starts with trust.  Trust between you and your physician.  Trust between your physician and your pharmacist.  Trust between you and your pharmacist.  In this triad of communication and respect, your individual health needs are addressed and resolved to the best of their collective ability.  If you have a question, ask us.  If you have a preference on the delivery of a medication, let us know.  If there is an allergy that has to be avoided, we will make sure it is avoided. 

ICP - Providing quality solutions with maximum benefits for a healthier you.
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