Inland Compounding Pharmacy (ICP) has been compounding prescriptions as requested by Prescribers in the Loma Linda area for the last 14 years, and we hope to continue to provide this service to Prescribers and their Patients.  In the past, 4-10 years ago, ICP has compounded Domperidone by Prescriber prescription request for over 100 Patients. 

ICP and Dr. Raylene Mote are currently being charged by the California State Board of Pharmacy and the California State Attorney General's office for compounding Domperidone for these Patients.  Domperidone was an alternative to Metoclopramide in Patients who needed help with Gastric Intestinal (GI) Paresis or Inadequate breast milk supply.

Please read the following "Patient/Prescriber Letter" from ICP, also please read the "Letter from Congress to the FDA", requesting that Domperidone be added to the "Positive" list for the FDA or addition to the USP.  This would make the compounding of Domperidone officially legal for human medication.  You can respond to the FDA using the following "Guide to Submitting Comments to FDA's Open Docket on Compounding".  Please note:  The document opens best using Windows Explorer.  Prescribers can respond to ICP by printing the "Prescriber Letter", signing it, and mailing it to Inland Compounding Pharmacy, Inc., 24747 Redlands Blvd., Suite F., Loma Linda, CA 92354.  Prescriber and Patients can use the "Response Form" in the "Comments" to express your personal experiences with Domperidone, or your support for ICP and Raylene.

We appreciate your help in this important matter.


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